Balanced Ride / Bargain Hereford Genuine Balanced Ride


Saddle #1000

This is a bargain for someone wanting to ride and use a genuine balanced ride saddle. My son and I both ride this model and it is very comfortable. This one has some issues, but is useable as is, in fact it rides as good as my original. The stirrup leathers have been replaced, but they are good heavy replacements and the fenders hang about right. The fleece is shedding as it will in these older real wool fleece's, but it's still mostly there and is functional. The fender has a small tear near the teardrop area, that is a common place where they do tear and it will need re-enforced at some point. Also the bottom positioning slots on one side are torn and have been repaired, but again this is the latigo position slot only and the main rigging hole is solid so it will function just fine. As I said, I rode it and wouldn't be afraid to ride it a lot more, but the fender should be repaired or the small tear will only get larger. Serial number is 502L 80-16036 and of course it's got the Foreman tree. It's a great ride and certainly broke in. Selling just as is for only $385.


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