We have sold a lot of these over the past couple of years, and are a dealer for the Renegade brand saddle cushions. Having tried a lot of different cushions, these are the best we've found, far superior in quality and fit to most and very reasonably priced. This pad is shown on a 16 inch seat, they will fit most saddles from 14 to 17 inch. They are made form 1 inch foam, fleece and light canvas. The ones with designs are hand embroidered, not just a decal added on. I tell people it's almost like putting a new seat in your saddle for $20, and on more than one occasion I sold one of these instead of a different saddle, but if you like everything else about your saddle, except for the fact that the seat is hard, then why not try one first. They stay put on a saddle better than most brands we've tried, we like to run the back elastic around the back of the cantle, and bring the front elastic under the fork, then up over the horn, it really makes for a snug fit, and a more comfortable ride. We price the plain ones at $20.99, and the embroidered one's are $28.00. They come in several colors, and the emboidered one's have different designs available.
Comfort for WORK or PLAY