I'm certainly a fan of these balanced ride type saddles, and have sevral of these Simco Forward rides. I picked this one quite reasonably, did a little minor stitching repair to it, and it's rideable and ready to go, and at a bargain price, does show some weathering on the leather, especially the fenders, but is solid and rideable. I've got the catalog from 1957 and will quote from it. " special forward seat, beef hide covered tree, 14 1/2 in seat,12 in front, 3 in cantle with 2 in cheyenne roll. Improved 3/4 double rigging on solid brass flat plates, extreme forward swing on stirrup leathers. wheel design, chocolate brown padded seat, 27 in california style skirts, and about 32 lbs." The saddle looks to be all original, and the latigo keeper, which is mounted on the rear on this one, is marked Simco, 1957, and has a J above that. This is nice little saddle, that as you can see from the pictures is patterned after the genuine balanced rides, a different riggings, but the the same principles. If you can ride a 15 inch seat in most saddles, you can ride this flatter seat in a 14 1/2. As I said, I've got a few of these I've collected over the years that are better for collectable condition than this one, so here is your chance to own and ride one for only $385.
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