Here is truly one you won't find very often, and in useable condition. This is a marked M Fallis saddle made in Granby Colo. It's a roper and is not a balanced ride, but certainly shows some of the origianl idea's and workmanship that those early balanced rides showed. I'm guessing this was made before they started really making the balanced rides. To me, it's a work of art, and one that I've debated on selling, but I've probably had it long enough. Acoording to the very interesting article written by Johanna Fallis, Myrlin (Slim) Fallis opened their shop in Granby in Nov. 1951, and moved to Longmont in 1957, so that dates the saddle to that time period. Looks to be all original to me, with the exception of one stirrup. The origianl stirrup if a big heavy roper, and the replacement on the off side being somewhat smaller. The saddle is marked in 4 places with name and town, on the keeper is also has the number 79 below his name which looks carved on the keeper, and the number 150 in front of the stamp with name and town on the back skirt behind the cantle. Both fenders are also stamped. The saddle is rough out leather on the fenders, skirts and fork, with the horn and cantle being smooth leather. The inskirt brass re-enforced rigging is actually in a seperate skirt that is of smooth leather, the rear girth rigging is also a part of this. First $975 buys this great saddle by one of the true master saddlemakers of our time.
Comfort for WORK or PLAY