Just yesterday this saddle was being used by a young amishman who is riding a lot of horses for folks. He finally figured he's worn it about out and traded for a newer Hereford. It's a marked George Lawrence out of Portland, Oregon with his distinctive mark on the back of the cantle. Also has a single bullet hole thru the cantle, and I have no idea how that happened, but would sure make a good story. This 14 inch saddle has a cantle over 5 inches high, and sits really deep. The 15 inch wide swells would reeally hold you in the saddle, no wonder the young man favored this saddle for starting colts. This saddle, as most of you know would be worth a lot if it was in mint condition, I'm talking thousands, literally. The sad fact is that it's not mint, but has really been used and repaired. Both fenders have been resewn, leather gone from horn, and rigging been repaired. That being said, it is all original, could be restored, or would make a great addition to a lot of collections as is. I'm going to offer it for sale at a very reasonable $395, tree is totally sound and you could even ride it, like I said, it was being ridden just yesterday.
Comfort for WORK or PLAY