I took both of these Aussie saddles in on a trade and they were both being used, I've seen them ridden by a local at the horse shows. I can find no brand name on either one, but they look like the same company would have made them. They are of good quality, better than many I've seen and are wider in the bars to fit a horse better than some of the Aussies, measure like a semi bar western saddle to me. Both need a good cleaning, I'm pricing them to sell and as is. The black one measures like a 13 inch western and the brown one is about a 14. They both come with cinches and have the double buckle system. You can buy either one for $95 and they are ready to ride and just need a little cleaning. The black one has some nice designs and both have all the brass hardware on them. A great value if you need an Aussie saddle with a smaller seat size.
Comfort for WORK or PLAY