A very vintage, high quality pony saddle, marked Simco and has the distinctive Simco 6 sided flower marking in no less than 12 places! The screw top horn design indicates in was made in the 50's, or earlier, along with the fork design, which is what caught my eye right away. The horn has been restitched at some point and it has new strings added. Nice felt type type liner that looks to be original and is in good shape. Tapedaroes are a good match, but probably not the origianl ones as tooling is just a little different. This is really a well built little saddle. Double rigged, excellent condition. Could be in the collector section, but it was being used last summer on a pony, and is ready to use again. Just take care of it like the last owners did, and you'll have a good using pony saddle with collector value. I haven't seen an original Simco pony saddle of this type in this condition for a long time. Priced to use or collect at $275.00.
Comfort for WORK or PLAY