Here is your chance to own a genuine Fallis balanced ride that is certainly useable for under $1000. It's a little cheaper as it shows more wear than some and someone had it rigged wrong, just used a billet on each side and crunched up the bottom keeper slots. The main rigging is solid and strong, there is no danger to the rigging. Just the bottom positioning slot and keeper slot have been sort of bunched up and will need to be retrained, there is some extra wear to them also from being bunched up, but again, they are useable for the purpose they were intended. Numbers on it are 6112 546 and it was made in Elbert, Colo, Looks pretty original, has his stirrups on it and the way better than blevins buckles length adjusters. Everything about these saddles were of such quality it still amazes me, his stirrups are so distinctive as the binding is way tighter than anyone's I have ever seen, that's just one example. One fender has a small tear starting at the teardrop part, I can get you close ups of that if you want. Full 15 inch seat, one of the larger seats I have seen from this era. Crupper ring added to back, breast collar slots are intact and fleece is pretty good too. A lot of saddle for the money, Rose tooled which is kind of different. Available and ready to ride for only $895
Comfort for WORK or PLAY