This saddle could be a collector for sure, made in the 60's most likely, still in very good shape. I took it on a 3 hour trail ride this fall, and it rides nice, so I'm calling it a "trail" saddle. This one is a 15 inch seat, but sits big as I was quite comfortable in it, and is stamped 915 behind the cantle. It has in-skirt rigging that looks to be stainless steel, but has some slight corrosion. The fleece is worn, but still original to the saddle, and certainly useable. The saddle is sound in every way and ready to ride or display. Original stirrups on this one too. It's not perfect, been used a bit, but I've sold the more perfect ones for upwards of $500, so I have this one priced at an affordable $350. I really like these older Brahma's. I have several on hand, most are 15 inch seats from that era. They are a well built, comfortable and attractive saddle. I think they are a lot of fun to ride too!
Comfort for WORK or PLAY