Here is NICE pair of vintage tapadero's. Very interesting hand tooling and design. Obviously made to match a saddle, wish I could identify the tooling and tell you what saddle they were made for, maybe someone out there knows, who-ever made them was a true craftsman! These taps measure 17 inches long and about 9 inches wide. There is one decorative button missing that would be near the top on the outer edge. Other than that, they are mint, leather is butter soft and all the rosettes are there and look original. The red colored adornments remind me of some that I've seen on very vintage bridles from the past, and should help to date them. Unusual to find a pair this vintage in this kind of shape. I'm pricing them at $225, been told by a guy I really respect that if they were maker marked, they'd bring twice that. If you've got a saddle they match, or just want something really different that's going to get more valuable as time goes on, help yourself to these.
Comfort for WORK or PLAY